Family Dog on Indefinite hiatus January 22 2007, 07:31 am
I have decided to put a hold on The Family Dog for a while to focus on my new project, Yarn. Please come out and support the new band. You can find more information, show dates, mp3's, etc... by going to We look forward to seeing you all at the new shows, if must hear some live Family Dog music, Yarn will be throwing a few of the songs into their sets.

Stay tuned to Yarn's website for further updates.

Thanks for the good times.
Posted by: Blake

ALBANY SHOW CANCELLED October 20 2006, 01:43 pm
This Saturday's show at Savannah's in Albany is cancelled as well as Yarn's next 4 shows at Kenny's Castaway. Both bands will hopefully be back strong in 1 month.
Posted by: B&TFD

Monday's at Kenny's Castaway June 28 2006, 09:24 am
Yarn plays every monday night at Kenny's Castaway along with the Andrew Hendryx Ensemble. These shows are really starting to heat up. Stop by and check us out.

Kenny's Castaway
Bleeker Street @ Thompson
Posted by: yarn

Benefit Concert & CD Release May 24 2006, 07:24 am
On June 2nd, Blake & The Family Dog will be playing a Benefit Concert nd raising money for Music Rising in the memory of Baggot Inn's late great soundman Mr. Jon Anthony. We are also celebrating 10 years of live music at the Baggot Inn with the release of "Live at the Baggot Inn"...a CD featuring 16 live performances by some of our favorite regular acts. Please come out and support this important event.


On June 2nd and 3rd 2006 The Baggot Inn (82 W 3rd St NYC) will celebrate the release of. Live at the Baggot Inn, a collection of songs from 16 acts recorded at the club throughout the past year. The CD and release party are in memory of former soundman Jon Anthony who recently passed away. 100% of proceeds from the night and sales of the CD will be donated to Music Rising, an organization dedicated to rebuilding the Gulf Region note by note, in Jon's name. Live at The Baggot Inn features a wide array of performers running the gamut of musical genres; from the very first track. The soulful country rock of Blake and the Family Dog to the grand finale of Duwende's a cappella human beatbox rap, this disc is jammed with amazing performances. Other acts are Just About To Burn, Rick Redington, Red Sky Morning, Gary Hood Band, Kendra Flowers, Bill Malchow and the Go Cup All Stars, Gowanus Corral, Elgin Movement, Licorice, Mental Notes, Brett Rothenhaus, David Kolker Band, The Dizzy Band, and Luxury.

With the release of this CD, The Baggot Inn celebrates it's tenth year as one of NYC's warmest and most intimate music venues. The venue continues to provide an excellent showcase space for performers as well as a weekly gathering for it?s popular acoustic bluegrass jam. The club also hosts weekly residencies such as Tuesday nights, Rick Redington and or Sunday night's Supper Club with David Kolker as well as a myriad of special events such as this past February's Tribute to Chris Whitley. Live at the Baggot Inn is just the first volume in a series of live recordings to be released from the club and a tribute to the talents of the many acts that grace the Baggot Inn's stage night after night.

Tickets are available at

For more information please contact:
Dave Foster
phone: 646-522-3380
Posted by: blake

Were coming back to Albany this Summer April 28 2006, 08:17 am
On June 24th, Blake & The Family Dog will be back in Albany to play a full night at Savannah's. Just want to give all our upstate friends a chance to mark their calenders. It will feel good to come upstate and not play the Van Dyck. The bar will most definitely be open. Hope to see you all there.
Posted by: blake

Stain Bar Tonight in Williamsburg April 21 2006, 11:19 am
Hello All,

Our new band, Yarn is playing a show this Friday night at Stain Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from 10pm - Midnight. Yarn is our acoustic string band comprised of me on guitar and vocals, Trevor MacArthur on guitar and vocals, and Andrew Hendryx on the mandolin. We have spent this past week in the studio recording our first record. Please come by and have a listen. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. And the show is free. And you can cook on their grill. See you there.

766 grand street
brooklyn, ny 11211
Friday, April 21st, 2006
(L to Grand, 1 block west)

Posted by: blake

Friday Baggot Inn Show April 10 2006, 02:27 pm
Our gig at The Baggot Inn on Friday, April 14th is canceled. I have to take an unexpected trip to Florida. But the show at The Red Lion is still on for this Thursday night from 10pm-1am. The Red Lion is a great venue, we promise to make it our best show ever. See you there.
Posted by: Blake

Yarn is playing in Boston tommorow night March 31 2006, 11:11 am
Saturday, April 1st, 2006
Kennedy's Midtown
42 Province Street
Boston, MA 02109

With Jo Henley

Posted by: Blake

JRB Send Off Party at Fat Baby! March 23 2006, 10:08 am
This is going to be one great time and one great night of music. Our friend, fellow musician, singer, songwriter, lap steel, dobro, and guitar player, Josh Roy Brown is making his permanant move upstate to a town outside of Woodstock called Oliveria. Very cool place, very different from NYC. So this week will be his last as a NYC resident. We will be wishing him well Monday, March 27th with special performances from his friends and Josh himself. Luckily I fall into his catergory of friends and am honored to be there. Performances by John Pinamonti, Michael Brunnock, my new band Yarn, and Josh Roy Brown will start at 9pm and continue through midnight. You can't miss this. This is is not just a show, it is a party and a celebration. I encourage everyone to stop by, you will be very glad you did. The show is at a new club on the Lower East Side called Fat Baby (

See on Monday,
Posted by: Blake

St. Patty's March 13 2006, 10:16 am
We just got a last minute minute offer to play The Saint Patricks Day party this Friday night at The Baggot Inn. Were starting at midnight and playing through the wee hours. This is a great place to spend the holiday, a true Irish Pub. Hope to see you all there.

Posted by: Blake

Glowropes March 3 2006, 06:49 am
Our song Weight of the World is featured in Actor/Director George Valencia's first full-length film, Glowropes: The Rise & Fall of a Bar Mitzvah Emcee. It stars Judy Reyes from the cast of Scrubs. The movie is currently in the middle of a six week run at The Williams Center Cinema located at One Williams Plaza Rutherford, New Jersey. The movie is hilarious, please go check it out and support our friend George, you won't be disappointed. To find out more about the movie please visit the website:
Posted by: Blake

Monday's at Kenny's February 27 2006, 09:50 am
I will be sitting in on vocals and guitar with The Andrew Hendryx Ensemble for their monday night residency at Kenny's Castaway which starts tonight. This is going to be fun. We will be playing some new Yarn songs with Andrew's rythym section, some Grateful Dead covers, and of course, Andrew's music. Trevor and Shane will most likely be making some appearances as well. Hope to see you there.
Posted by: Blake

New Band - Yarn February 22 2006, 08:31 am
So I a have formed a new band with fellow Family Dog member Trevor MacArthur and mandolin player, Andrew Hendryx. The name of the band is Yarn, it is an alt-country acoustic string band. But we may be adding a rhytym section soon as well. We were trying to think of a name, and the other night Hendryx had a dream he saw the name Yarn in lights on a venue marquee. We liked it, very simple, and since we are a string band, it seems appropriate. We will be posting the gig schedule underneath the The Family Dog's shows on the dates page of this website until Yarn gets a site of its own. I am really excited about this new project, so please come by one of our shows and let us know what you think.

I am also very excited about The Family Dog, I think we are sounding better then ever and having more fun then we've ever had as a band. Thanks for your continued support, can't wait to see you all at a show very soon.

Posted by: Blake

Come to the show tonight February 3 2006, 09:12 am
I am tring out some new material with Andrew Hendryx on mandolin and Trevor MacArthur on guitar tonight. Please come down to The Baggot Inn and check us out. I got hooked on Gram Parsons over the Holidays, and it sent me into a full on songwriting frenzy. We will be sampling some of those songs tonight, and I must know what the people think. Does it suck? Is it brilliant? Or maybe somewhere in between? The Baggot Inn is at 82 west 3rd St (between thompson and sullivan) in Manhattan.
Posted by: Blake

The Andrew Hendryx Ensemble January 23 2006, 07:58 am
I am sitting in on guitar and vocals with The Andrew Hendryx Ensemble again tommorow night at Kenny's Castaway at 8pm. I will be trying out a couple new songs at the show. The band features Andrew Hendryx on mandolin, along with banjo, peddle steel guitar, flute, sax, bass, and drummer. Hope to see you there.

Kennys Castaways
147 Bleeker(Sullivan and Thompson)
New York, NY
Tuesday, January 24th
Posted by: Blake

Let It Be January 4 2006, 09:32 am
A couple months ago Trevor, Shane, and I were sitting around and decided to record a version of Let it Be. Longtime friend and producer, Dan Kocen finally threw a mix together for us a couple weeks ago. And now I am finally posting for all to hear (it is the 1st track on Dog Radio and should already be playing by the time you start reading this, if not, turn up your damn sound). It gets a little silly at the end, but please take a listen and let us know what you think. If you like it, write us and I will email you a copy, so you can carry it around on your Ipod and play it for all your friends.

Next week I will be posting some tracks from a live show we played back in September, so stay tuned.

The current Dog Radio Playlist is:

1. Let it Be
2. Don't Break My Heart Again
3. Don't Look Back in Anger
4. Dear Aunt Elsie
5. Old Flame

Posted by: Blake

Sitting In December 14 2005, 08:28 am
I will be sitting in on guitar with The Andrew Hendryx Ensemble next tuesday night, December 20th. The show will be at Kenny's Castaway at 10pm. Andrew is an amazing mandolin player with a great mix of players backing him up. I believe the line up will be mandolin, banjo, guitar, drums, bass, and sax. Definitely stop by for a listen.

Find out more at
Posted by: Blake

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? December 13 2005, 09:51 am
We took a drive up to Cold Spring, NY on Saturday night to try out a new acoustic project we have been working on. Trevor and I on acoustic Guitars, and Andrew Hendryx on the mandolin. We put together a setlist of old Dead tunes and some bluegrassed up versions of some Family Dog tunes (look out people, it is going to be huge). But anyway, we got there a little bit early, so my friend Melia who lives in town, said we were going to take a trip out to Pete Seegers house. i said, "Pete Seeger, the old hippie folk singer?". I was under the impression this guy had been dead for quite sometime, I guess not. Turns out he and his family were having a pottery sale at his house of their own hand-made pottery. On our way over we all tried real hard to come up with one song he had written, we all knew who this guy was, he was a legend, but no one could think of a single song, weird. The pottery was really well made, and Pete was ancient. The place was like a hippie commune, it was a total mess, pottery everywhere, but there was a definite beauty about it. The simple life, Pete living out his days making and selling pottery to whoever wanted to stop by his house and buy it. And he had his entire family involved, Grandkids, and Great Grandkids everywhere. When we finally got to talk to Pete, he didn't have much interest in talking about his music, he was way more into his political achievements, cleaning up the Hudson, and his communist ways. We wished Pete well and went on to our show in Town. It would have been great to jam a couple tunes with Pete, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. God bless you Pete Seeger, it was a pleasure to meet you; and thanks for another great random moment in life.
Posted by: Blake

My Name is Earl October 21 2005, 07:02 am
Our show at the Joyous Lake in Woodstock was canceled. I believe it is a bit of Karma biting me in the ass, just like that guy Earl on TV. I had to cancel our show this past Wednesday at Pussycat Lounge, and the following day I got an email telling me our Joyous Lake show had to be canceled. I am kind of bummed about this one, but I started making my list yesterday, and soon Karma will be on my side.
Posted by: Blake

Our Last Van Dyck Show October 13 2005, 08:03 am
Well...We finally played our last show at The Van Dyck in Schenectady, NY and thanks to everyone who came out. Todd Mack opened the show with a great set, and many thanks to him. Weve decided to never play The Van Dyck again so please email us with some ideas of where we should play next in the Capital Region.
Posted by: Blake

Todd Mack and WKZE October 13 2005, 07:59 am
We took a drive up to Great Barrington, MA to see our friend and fellow-musician, Todd Mack. Todd hosts a show called The Off the Beat-n-Track Radio Show, it is a two hour, indie music show that airs every Saturday from 7-9PM on WKZE 98.1FM in Sharon, CT. He invited us up to his studio to do a live short concert which will air on Saturday, October 22nd at 7pm, please tune in to check it out. Anyone looking to do any recording should check out his studio, we added it to our links page. Please also check out his music, he is great Americana talent.
Posted by: Blake

Kucfest THIS WEEKEND! 8/19-8/21 August 16 2005, 09:09 am
Our good buudy Jallah is bringing back an old-time tradition called Kucfest (pronounced Koos-fest). This is the first time in years he has done this. It is basically a weekend of booze, camping, and possibly some live music (depending on whether we actually decide to play or even bring the equipment). Half The Family Dog will be there, and possibly perform a few acoustic sets. If anyone reading this would like to come the directions are as follows, it is in Johnsburg, NY (about an hour North of Albany):

1. Northway (87) to Exit 23
2. Route 9 through Warrensburg until intersection of 9 and 28, a few miles out of town
3. Take a left on Rte 28 for about 10+ miles to the 1st traffic light in Wevertown.
4. Left at light onto Rte 8 to Johnsburg
5. Left onto S. Johnsburg Rd. for 1 mile to Hudson Street
6. Right on Hudson St. for 2.4 miles until you pass the N.Y.S. Fishermans parking lot
7. Kucij Drive has white sign on tree and a logging sign also
8. road is bumpy but passable.

August 19th - the 21st
Posted by: Blake

Josh Roy Brown Show! July 15 2005, 10:47 am
Our good friend and fellow Dogger is playing a show this coming Tuesday at The Knitting Factory. Josh is taking the night off from "Sidemannin' and Babysittin'!" to play this show, so don't miss it.

Josh Roy Brown
with John Pinamonti and Rod Hohl on guitars
at the Knitting Factory's Tap Bar
74 Leonard Street, NYC
Next Tuesday, July 19th. 7:00pm Sharp
Posted by: Blake

Last Weekend July 15 2005, 10:40 am
We left the big city for a couple days last weekend. The trip began in Schenectady, where the band played the 1st Annual Southern BBQ at Central Parks Music Haven Stage. The staff at the stage were amazing, they really took care of us, especially Thom and David. Hopefully we will be getting some pics of the show up soon. We ran into one of our old middle school science teachers, Ms. Caruso. It just happened to be when I had ribs in my hand and BBQ all over my face, but she didn't seem to mind. She reminded me of how I threw up all over her classroom one morning, "scrambled eggs" she said. That moment must have made quite an impression.

From there the band went up to Lake George for some good old band-bonding. We built a big campfire, and drank bud light. I think were all a little bit closer.

After a very few hours of sleep, it was off to NYC to buy a PA, then off to Stamford to play a party. That was a damn long morning, but we eventually made it to the show and only about an hour late.

Overall the weekend was a great time and I learned a lot. I know one thing Shane and I learned...

Nobody likes to party with a pinner.
Posted by: Blake

Dog Radio July 6 2005, 08:17 am
Look to your right. A new feature has been added to our website, called "Dog Radio". Where we will be featuring "works in progress". Mostly these are demos of me, my guitar, and harmonica, recording early versions of what eventually become Blake & The Family Dog songs. I've added 5 songs to "Dog Radio", but you can also still listen to all of Stolen Days and selected tracks from the other CD's on our tunes page.

Track 1: Don't Break My Heart Again - This is a song I wrote about 5 months ago, The Family Dog is currently performing it live.

Track 2: Street Light - I wrote this song about 5 months ago as well, but never finished writing the lyrics. We have yet to find a place for this song live, were working on it. Let us know if we should.

Track 3: Don't Look Back In Anger - This is a cover of the Oasis song from their record "What's The Story (Morning Glory). I always loved this tune, and you will hear me play it solo quite often at shows.

Track 4: Dear Aunt Elsie - This a song I wrote for my Aunt Elsie just before she died a couple years ago. I didn't know her that well, but when I did see her, I always thought she was the nicest and sweetest person ever. I recorded this with producer/engineer Tal Kocen about a year ago.

Track 5: Old Flame - This is a Stolen Days reject, it didn't make it on the record. But it did make it on the Live at The Baggot Inn CD. Now you can hear the studio version. Also recorded with producer/engineer Tal Kocen.

Please stay tuned to "Dog Radio". We will be changing and updating the songs frequently with new demos, live stuff, covers, etc...
Posted by: Blake June 30 2005, 08:35 am
I posted a couple new songs on Myspace. They are both available to download for free. I recorded them in my little home studio in my apartment in Brooklyn, a version of the Oasis song, Don't Look Back In Anger, and a new song I wrote called, Don't Break My Heart Again. Please check these out and let me know what you think. We are also going to be doing a bit of blogging on Myspace as well, so stop in every now and then. Here are the direct links:

Just copy and paste into your browser
Posted by: Blake

Saratoga May 16 2005, 10:46 am
The weekend kicked off at The Baggot Inn in the West Village. I played a solo acoustic show opening for Geno K, our bud from upstate. The GKE sounded great, but unfortunately we had to leave the club a bit early to get upstate for our show in Saratoga.

Saturday was pretty much an all day affair starting at Mike & Bridgette's pre-party on White Street. They supplied sangria, beers, and some various grilled up meats, and everything was quite tasty. I got to meet some really great people including Mr. Randy Johnson, a very brilliant man with amazing talents.

It finally came time to head over to King's Tavern. Breaking Laces and The GKE each performed a set before we took the stage. The fans and the staff were really cool. Thanks to everyone who came out. We will definitely be back in August for track season. See you then.

Happy anniversary to our bass player, Vic Palermo and his wife Narissa.
Posted by: Blake

Kentucky Derby Day May 11 2005, 09:55 am
We just booked a really cool outdoor show in my hometown of Schenectady, NY. We will be playing The 1st Annual Southern BBQ in Schdy's Central Park this summer(check dates page for more details). We just recently learned how much fun outdoor shows are for Blake & The Family Dog, this past Saturday was our first. It was a Kentucky Derby Party full of Mint Julips, kids on swings, Armani Suits, hats, and a hot tub. Not our typical venue, but one hell of a time. Thank you Colin Rath.
Posted by: Blake

Thursday's Gone April 19 2005, 10:14 am
Our Thursday night residency at the Baggot Inn has come to an end, and we already miss it. Thank you Ronin for the tequila, thank you Shane for the late-night hand-outs, and thank you most of all, to everyone who actually came out to see it.
Posted by: Blake

We Love Albany! April 19 2005, 10:05 am
Our trip to Albany was excellent. We love that people made the trek in the pouring rain to come out and see us at Valentine's. The quality of sound at the venue was less than spectacular but we've managed before so we managed again. We were lucky to have Josh Roy Brown join us for the evening, but unfortunately the luck ended as soon as the show did for Josh. His car broke down and he got held up in a motel room for the night, while the rest of the band partied through the wee hours. Sorry Josh, next time it will be much less painful. Thank you Geno K for setting up the night. We'll all be back in May in Saratoga. See you then Upstaters.
Posted by: Blake

Dave Chappelle is a fan! April 1 2005, 10:20 am
Dave Chappelle showed up to The Boston Comedy Club last night for a surprise set. Just so happens we were playing right downstairs at The Baggot Inn. During our second set we lost a couple fans to the comic, but were cool with that, we love Dave too, and he gave us a few mentions while performing. We love when famous people mention us and know who we are.
Posted by: Blake

102.7 WEQX, & CRUMBS Radio March 30 2005, 09:30 am
Jason Irwin from 102.7 WEQX has been giving Untitled Wave some airplay on his local radio show, EQX-posure. Tune into the show from 11pm-Midnight on Sunday nights. WWW.WEQX.COM.

WWW.RKSTAR.COM has recently added us to their website. The website features the most popular original music hailing from New York's Capital District. please sign up at and vote us higher on the list.

We are also being featured on CRUMBS Radio ( The Road and Untitled Wave are in rotation and also available to stream in the On-Demand section of the website.

Posted by: Blake

Lots of News For You March 30 2005, 09:10 am
The first phase of the new website is up and running, you can listen to all the songs of "Stolen Days" on the tunes page. Their will be more pics and MP3's added soon. Will Williams of Perspective Images has done a really great job building our new website, we thank him dearly. The Baggot Inn Residency has been moving right along, Josh Roy Brown has sat in on every show so far and we love having him. He is a singer/songwriter and a lap steel guitar player. If you havent seen him yet, you should very soon. He also invited us to play a show with him and some of his old band-mates, John Pinamonti (, Michael Brunnock (, and guitarist Rod Hohl. We had a really good time at Tennesee Mountain playing with these guys, they are amazing talent and hope to do it again very soon.

The Baggot Inn Residency continues, so please come out and support us on Thursday nights through April. We'll be in Albany this weekend as well, see you all there.

Posted by: Blake

New Band Member February 12th, 2005, 10:35 pm
Our very first show with our new part-time bassist, Vic Palermo at The Baggot Inn. Thanks for showing Vic a warm welcome, we are happy to have him.
Posted by: Blake

Studio Album Released January 28th, 2005, 10:35 pm
We finally release our studio album, Stolen Days. A huge thanks to Jeff from Ardsley Music for making the record possible, without him, our record would have been crap. We played the most exciting show of our career at Arlenes Grocery, the band could not have had more fun and the fans could not have been any cooler. Josh Roy Brown joined us on stage and played lap steel for the entire 2 and a half hour show. Cal Payne also joined us on stage for some of the set. Both these players are incredible, we are extremely lucky to have them join us. Also, The Geno K Experience opened the show for us. They are from Albany and we will be doing many shows with them in the near future. Please check out their website,
Posted by: Blake

Solo Acoustic January 7th, 2005, 10:34 pm
Blake played a solo acoustic set at The Baggot Inn.
Posted by: Blake

Great Start To Year January 6th, 2005, 10:34 pm
Our first show of the New Year and the crowd was amazing. Thanks to Pete for booking us at the best club in all of NYC, Kenny's Castaway. I am sure we be invited back very soon.
Posted by: Blake

Happy New Year December 31st, 2004, 10:33 pm
Happy New Year everyone and thanks to all the fans who came out to the Baggot Inn on New Years Eve. We love you all.
Posted by: Blake

Baggot Inn December 16th, 2004
Blake & The Family Dog play The Baggot Inn with the alt-country band, Everett opening the show.
Posted by: Blake

Hometown Sell Out November 27th, 2004
Blake & The Family Dog play a sold out show at The Van Dyck in Schenectady, NY.
Posted by: Blake

In House Work November 14th, 2004
"Stolen Days" is mastered at Sterling Sound by The Dog's very own Michael Drexler.
Posted by: Blake

Acoustic Solo November 11th, 2004
Blake Christiana plays a solo acoustic set at the Baggot Inn
Posted by: Blake

Stolen Days Nearly There October 28th, 2004
Dan Kocen finishes mixing "Stolen Days" at Shelter Island Sound, NYC.
Posted by: Blake

Sin-e Performance October 20th, 2004
Game 7 of the Yankees/Red Sox Series. Yankees blow it and Blake & The Family Dog play Sin-e.
Posted by: Blake

Huge Crowd In The East Village October 8th, 2004
Blake Christiana and Trevor MacArthur play for an audience of thousands at The Alphabet Lounge in the East Village.
Posted by: Blake

Budweiser Record October 7th, 2004
Blake & The Family Dog and Budweiser team up to produce the live record Blake & The Family Dog Live at The Baggot Inn. This disc will be available for free at upcoming live shows. Special Thanks to Josh Roy Brown, Ronin Healey, and Danny Garcia for hooking it all up and making it happen.
Posted by: Blake

Baggot Inn Performance September 11th, 2004
Show at The Baggot Inn.
Posted by: Blake

Working Upstate September 4th, 2004
Blake Christiana, Trevor MacArthur, Shane Spaulding, and Dan Kocen take a trip upstate to finish vocals for the record.
Posted by: Blake

End of the Summer August 31st, 2004
The last night of the tuesday night summer residency at The Baggot Inn.
Posted by: Blake

Baggot Inn August 24th, 2004
Baggot Inn.
Posted by: Blake

First Studio Album August 20th, 2004
Blake & The Family Dog enter Manhattan Center Studios on 34th Street with producer/engineer, Dan Kocen and begin work on what is actually going to be their first studio album.
Posted by: Blake

Baggot Inn August 17th, 2004
Baggot Inn.
Posted by: Blake

Baggot Inn August 10th, 2004
Baggot Inn.
Posted by: Blake

The Apocalypse August 5th, 2004
Blake Christiana & Trevor MacArthur play an acoustic set at a new club in the East Village, The Apocalypse Lounge, they were followed by an amazing performance from Bobby Steele of The Misfits.
Posted by: Blake

Baggot Inn August 3rd, 2004
Baggot Inn.
Posted by: Blake

Baggot Inn July 27th, 2004
Baggot Inn.
Posted by: Blake

Baggot Inn July 20th, 2004
Baggot Inn.
Posted by: Blake

Timeout Review July 14th, 2004
Steve Smith from Time Out NY writes a very nice review for the band. "Blake & The Family Dog offer up a vision of americana roots rock that's expansive beyond its members tender years. The sextet sound touches on familiar bases such as the grateful dead, dave matthews and ryan adams with secure musicianship and just enough fresh attitude peaking out from behind it's influences."
Posted by: Blake

Baggot Inn July 13th, 2004
Baggot Inn again.
Posted by: Blake

Alphabet Solo July 10th, 2004
Another solo show from Blake Christiana at The Alphabet Lounge.
Posted by: Blake

The Endless Summer July 6th, 2004
Blake & The Family Dog kick off their summer residency at The Baggot Inn.
Posted by: Blake

Acoustic At Alphabet Lounge June 4th, 2004
Blake Christiana plays his first full solo acoustic set ever at Alphabet Lounge in the east village. Melia Fuller joined Blake on stage for a version of Damien Rice's Volcano.
Posted by: Blake

Acoustic show at CB's May 7th, 2004
Blake Christiana & Trevor MacArthur play an acoustic set at CB's 313 Gallery on the Bowery.
Posted by: Blake

Sin-e Performance May 6th, 2004
The band played Sin-e on the Lower East Side with their favorite local band, Everett. If you would like to check these guys out, please vist
Posted by: Blake

Party Cancelled May 1st, 2004
The Kentucky Derby Party is cancelled. Smarty Jones wins the race.
Posted by: Blake

Red Lion Debut April 26th, 2004
The bands first show at The Red Lion Pub on Bleeker Street.
Posted by: Blake

Happy Birthday! April 16, 2004
Happy Birthday to Shane. And a special thanks to Josh for filling in on bass.
Posted by: Blake

Midnight Show March 27, 2004
Blake & The Family Dog play a midnight show at The Baggot Inn.
Posted by: Blake

Talent In Motion March 15, 2004
The spring issue of Talent In Motion hits newsstands with an article featuring Blake & The Family Dog. Go out and buy it now.
Posted by: Blake

Tracking Finished March 13, 2004
The tracking of the studio record is finished, thanks to Mark Grey and the hot tub.
Posted by: Blake

CB's 313 March 12, 2004
Blake and Trevor perform an acoustic set at CB's 313 Gallery on Bowery.
Posted by: Blake

Quick Escape March 7, 2004
Blake and Trevor bail out the back door on their acoustic show in Hoboken. Sorry New Jersey, you just weren't ready yet.
Posted by: Blake

Baggot Inn Performance February 28, 2004
Back at Baggot Inn. The Cal Payne Project opened. Thanks again Cal! The band's new song written by Shane Spaulding and Trevor MacArthur, Dear Momma, was played live for the first time.
Posted by: Blake

In The Studio February 8, 2004
Back in the studio, the making of the album continues...
Posted by: Blake

Back At The Baggot February 7, 2004
Home sweet home at The Baggot Inn. Thanks to Cal Payne for sitting in on saxophone.
Posted by: Blake

Performance at Sin-e January 31, 2004
This was the bands first performance at Sin'e on the lower east side. The band, Everett, performed at 8pm, great band, go see them. Also, King Missile III took the stage at 11pm. Remember the song, Detachable Penis? John S. Hall is the man.
Posted by: Blake

SkyBar Gig January 17, 2004
The band returns to The Sky Bar in Boston.
Posted by: Blake

Christiana Returns To Van Dyck January 14, 2004
Locals Back 'Tis still the season when musicians originally from here love to come back and play before hometown fans. When Blake Christiana and The Family Dog hit the downbeat at the Van Dyck on Saturday, Christiana, the band's leader, singer, and main songwriter, guitarist Trevor MacArthur and singer Shane Spaulding will be performing in their hometown. All three were members of Christiana's band KYGHNDNYSS that played here often until it split up in 1996. They reformed as Blake and The Family Dog in 2002 in New York City, adding keyboardist Mike Drexler and drummer David Dodds. Their "Blake Christiana" debut album showcases a clean, economical acoustic and electric sound and superior songwriting and singing.

- Michael Hochanadel

Posted by: Blake

Going Solo January 12, 2004
Blake Christiana tries to follow in the footsteps of Bob Dylan and Neil Young and plays for the first time completely solo with his guitar and harmonica at Caffe Vivaldi on Jones St. in Greenwich Village.
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Talent In Motion January 11, 2004
Blake & The Family Dog have their first magazine interview with Samantha Dulak from Talent In Motion Magazine, look for it Spring 2004 at Barnes and Noble stores.
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Buffalofest 2004 January 6, 2004
Buffalofest 2004 at Kenny's Castaway. Thanks to Wounded Buffalo Theory for the invite, they played an amazing set, as did Captain Zig. The band hopes to play with them again soon.
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Home Sweet Home January 3, 2004
Back in Schenectady, love this town. The Live at The Van Dyke CD was released, available soon online. Thanks to all the family and locals!
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NYE At The Baggot Inn December 31, 2003
Happy New Year. The show at the Baggot Inn was a great success, thank you to everyone who made it out. Breaking Laces played 2 amazing sets and thanks to John Hyde for closing out the night.
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The Never Ending Record December 28, 2003
Back in the studio with Engineer, Mark Gray, the never-ending studio record continues...
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Song For The Kids December 19, 2003
Blake and Trevor visit Mrs. MacArthur's kindergarten > class in Upstate New York to play a few songs, Birds, Dark Hallow, and a Jingle Bells sing-a-long.
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Great Show December 12, 2003
The Dave Pittenger Band may have lost there drummer but they still played a great set just before Blake & The Family Dog took the stage. It was another great night at The Baggot Inn. Special thanks to Dave Pittenger.
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Video online November 18, 2003
The video for wasted is finally posted on the site. Check out the media page to see it.
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Halloween Show October 31, 2003
The Halloween Show at The Baggot Inn. The whole band was in spirit, Blake Christiana as Willie Nelson, Trevor MacArthur as Stevie Van Zant, Shane Spaulding as Paul Stanley, Tom Klein as The Caveman, Michael Drexler as Elton John, and Dave Dodds as Elvis. Special thanks to Allison for the Blake & The Family Dog pumpkin.
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Acoustic show at The BLue Lady October 30, 2003
Blake Christiana and Trevor MacArthur perfom acoustic at The Blue Lady Lounge in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
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The Blue Lady October 16, 2003
Blake Christiana and Trevor MacArthur perfom acoustic at The Blue Lady Lounge in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as the Yankees defeat the Red Sox to win the American League Championship Series.
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One year anniversary October 4, 2003
A year of the dog comes to an end. Blake & The Family Dog celebrate their one year anniversary at The Baggot Inn, and the party continued long into the morning hours thanks to the after-party host, Leila Ray. Also, a special thanks to Brit Trevenen for joining the band on stage to help sing on "The Road" and "Down The Middle", Brit is the shit and she will be back.
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Midnight Shows September 13, 2003
The midnight show at Baggot Inn was a great time. A special thanks to Chris Weekes, Jaime Ross, and Trevor MacArthur for the late-night after party.
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End of the Summer August 26, 2003
The summer residency at The Baggot Inn comes to a close. It was a great summer and thank you to everyone who turned out to see the shows.
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Hometown Shows August 9, 2003
The band plays their first 2 shows in Blake, Trevor, and Shane's hometown of Schenectady, NY. The crowds were amazing, and a special thanks to Pat Spaulding for providing the after-party in the presidential suite. We will be back!
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New Band Member July 8, 2003
Keyboardist, Mike Drexler joins the band.
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Summer Time July 1, 2003
Blake & The Family Dog kick off their summer residency on Tuesday nights at the Baggot Inn.
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Summer Residency At The Baggot Inn June 24, 2003
The band is currently preparing for there summer residency at The Baggot Inn in Greenwich Village. Blake, Trevor, and Shane are hard at work writing new material. Engineer Mark Gray and Producer Sax continue to work on Blake & The Family Dogs upcoming EP. Blake & Trevor will be in Princeton, New Jersey tracking overdubs with Mark this weekend.
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C-note Performance June 12, 2003
Blake & The Family Dog play a set of all covers at The C-note with Special Guest Pete DiIario on keys.
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Closure June 7, 2003
The Rising Cafe Closes and Miss Emily Zuzik's Rock Soup is no longer.
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The Shane Show May 30, 2003
"The Shane Show" at The Baggot Inn. Shane Spaulding delivers an unforgetable perfomance as "The White Flava Flav."
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Airplay on EQX-posure April 20, 2003
102.7 WEQX gives "Letters" from Blake Christiana's debut solo CD some airplay on EQX-posure, which airs every sunday night from 11pm-midnight. Please place a request for any song from that album at
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Acoustic show at Bar B April 18, 2003
Blake Christiana, Trevor MacArthur, and Shane Spaulding play an acoustic show at Bar B in New York City.
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Support for Brown Couch April 4, 2003
Blake & The Family Dog open up for Brown Couch at The Lions Den
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Airplay on Radio Crystal Blue March 25, 2003
"Movin' On" from Blake Christiana’s self-titled release gets some airplay on Radio Crystal Blue at or
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Work Begins on First CD March 15, 2003
The band goes to work to officially start recording their first EP. Mark Gray, Sax, and LB are behind the board at a studios in New York City. The EP will include 6 newly released songs.
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Guest Star March 8, 2003
Keyboardist, Jordan Shapiro takes the stage as a special guest to perform an entire set of songs from Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz along with a set of original material from Blake & The Family Dog.
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C-note Performance February 22, 2003
Blake & The Family Dog perform at The C-Note for their second time. Their new song, Weight of the World is performed for the first time.
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The Rising Cafe February 1, 2003
Blake & The Family Dog take part in Emily Zuzik’s Saturday Night Rock Soup at The Rising Café in Brooklyn. It was the bands first show in Brooklyn and the crowd couldn’t have been more supportive.
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Strong Finish At CoDa January 29, 2003
The bands show at Coda starts out a little rough, but has a very strong finish and is well received by the crowd.
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Debut at Le Bar Bat January 24, 2003
Blake & The Family Dog make their debut appearance at Le Bar Bat.
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First Performance of 2003 January 8, 2003
Blake & The Family Dog play their first performance of 2003 at The Lions Den in the West Village.
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NYE Party December 31, 2002
The Ronin Partners’ New Years Eve Celebration at Landmark on the Park.
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Acme Underground Performance December 13, 2002
Blake & The Family Dog perform at Acme Underground
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First CD Begins December 9, 2002
Blake & The Family Dog begin work on their first CD as a band at Krispy Kreme Recording with producer Jon Weiss and engineer “Dirty” Dan Kocen.
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Baggot Inn Performance November 23, 2002
Blake & The Family Dog perform at Baggot Inn
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NYE Party November 15, 2002
Blake & The Family Dog are invited to play Ronin Partners’ 2003 New Years Celebration.
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C-note Debut November 14, 2002
Blake & The Family Dog make their debut at The C-note and play their best show to date.
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CoDa Performance March 15 2005, 11:55 am
Blake & The Family Dog perform at CoDa.
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CD Release November 6, 2002
Blake & The Family Dog play 2 sets at Acme Underground. Blake Christiana’s solo debut CD is released at the event.
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Packed Out At The Inn October 26, 2002
Blake & The Family Dog play for a packed house at The Baggot Inn in the West Village. Read a review written by Chris Weekes here.
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Blake & The Family Dog Form October 5, 2002
Blake Christiana, Trevor MacArthur, Tom Klein, and David Dodds join to form Blake & The Family Dog.
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CD Goes Into Production September 31, 2002
Blake Christiana’s self titled debut CD goes to manufacturing.
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Acme Underground Performance September 29, 2002
Blake Christiana performs with Trevor MacArthur at Acme Underground. Tom Klein joins Blake & Trevor on stage with his upright bass.
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Mastering Finished September 29, 2002
The self-titled debut CD from Blake Christiana finishes mastering at New York City's Classic Sound by Joe Lambert.
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First Show at Acme September 6, 2002
Blake Christiana performs first show in New York City with Trevor MacArthur at Acme Underground.
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Recording Begins October 2001
Blake Christiana begins recording self-titled debut solo CD at New York City's Classic Sound with producer/engineer Nathan James.
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